Anikit purebred Akhal-Teke stallion, at stud via frozen semen

Anikit conformation photo



Anikit At Stud

Akhal-Teke Foundation presented outstanding purebred Akhal-Teke stallion Anikit at stud for 2022 — a champion who produces champions.

Graceful and kind, Anikit exemplified Akhal-Teke mind and movement, and he was a multiple breed show winner, including Champion Akhal-Teke at Dressage At Devon, 2016. A lovely dark bay, 15.3 hands, and a grandson of the famous stallion Gigant, Anikit was raised at Shenandoah Farm in Virgina, and stands today in Oregon, with breeding by the experts at Oakhurst Equine.

Anikit's offspring include Kumitra, Junior In-Hand Champion Akhal-Teke at Dressage At Devon, 2016, as well as Anadana (breeding), Zarana/Zed (endurance), the outstanding filly Zenus, aka Gem (dressage).

Anikit is available nationwide via frozen semen. As of May, 2022, due to limited availability, Anikit breedings are reserved for purebreds only. Other ATF stallions continue to welcome quality crossbreeding opportunities.

Beloved stallion Anikit passed away on Sunday, May 22, 2022. Please contact us for special terms & conditions.


Please contact Akhal-Teke Foundation for more information:
Kevin Matthews, 541-514-4766, or
Pat Johnston, 541-485-7757

Anikit Details

  • Dark bay, 15.3 hands
  • Agades x Agniya, 2009
  • NFS Tested Clear
  • Color Genetics: E/E A/a Cr:n/n nd2/nd2
  • ATAA Registration AATK 460
  • VNIIK Registration 101600609
  • Frozen semen only, $1000 per breeding dose, purebreds only. Please contact us for special terms, & conditions.

Photos: Ellen L. Chappell Photography