Kiergen purebred Akhal-Teke stallion, at stud via cooled & frozen semen

Kiergen Kiergen Kiergen Kiergen Kiergen Kiergen jumping

Kiergen At Stud

Akhal-Teke Foundation presents outstanding purebred Akhal-Teke stallion Kiergen at stud for 2023.

Kiergen is a nicely-built perlino, double-dilute, with an intelligent mind and light, graceful movement. He's accomplished under saddle, with eventing competition experience, and a beautiful jumper.

A grandson of Senetir, the first Akhal-Teke stallion ever imported to the United States and a sire of many amazing competitors, Kiergen is Absent@4 on his dam side.

His foals on the ground include Inarra Sera (Kiergen x Megelena, 2013), Adlumia Amerikaly (Kiergen x Ahmiyetli, 2019), Swan Ysk Doretmek (Kiergen x Sarka, 2019), Ak Niloufar (Kiergen x Ak Hadysa, 2020), Kesgir Surat (Kiergen x Aykyssa, 2020), and a foal out of Delguli (2022). His purebred pregnancies confirmed for 2023 foals include (Kiergen x Ahmiyetli) and (Kiergen x Arima).

Kiergen is highly fertile, and available nationwide via both cooled and frozen semen. For special cases, and purebreds only, he may also breed by live cover in Oregon, supervised by the experts at Oakhurst Equine.

100% of Kiergen's stud fees go to support the Akhal-Teke Foundation's non-profit breed preservation programs.

Video of Kiergen jumping at Middlebrook

Please contact Akhal-Teke Foundation for more information:
Kevin Matthews, 541-514-4766, or
Pat Johnston, 541-485-7757

Kiergen Details

  • Perlino, 15.1 hands
  • Mergen x Kerki, 2005 (Absent@4)
  • Breeder: Phil & Margot Case
  • Owner: Akhal-Teke Foundation
  • Foster Care Team: Linda Yeager, Michael Liebling, Kevin Matthews, Pat Johnston
  • NFS Tested Clear, EVA tested clear & vaccinated
  • Color genetics: double cream dilution, E/e A/A Cr/Cr nd1/nd2
  • ATAA Registration AATK505
  • VNIIK Registration 101601105
  • Stud fee $1000, plus actual collection and shipping charges for cooled semen, with live foal guarantee with cooled semen

Photos: Ellen L. Chappell Photography

Kiergen Kiergen Kiergen