Akhal-Teke Foundation in the media

Livestock Conservancy Newsletter, Spring 2021

"Details Make the Difference"

“It’s vital for rare breed breeders and stallion owners to be aware that end-of-life collection is a possibility, and that resources are out there,” advises Matthews. “It’s also incredibly valuable for veterinarians to know The Livestock Conservancy’s Manual is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Johnston is now using this first-hand experience to share their hard-won knowledge with other Akhal-Teke owners around the world. “I’m reaching out to people in my circles and encouraging them to take a closer look at this breeding tool as a resource to help preserve the irreplaceable genetics of rare breeds,” she says. “It was kind of an experiment for us, and it was successful.”

Johnston concludes, “Without a doubt, we’d do it again.”

Teke Mania 2020

"The Legacy of Shenandoah Farm"

"For 40 years, from the arrival of Senetir in 1979, to 2019, Phil and Margot ran The Akhal-Teke Stud with an expansive, generous spirit, making vast and invaluable contributions to establishing the Akhal-Teke in North America.

"Over the millennia of Akhal-Tekes on Earth, these special horses have periodically relied on special people to step up in service of their survival.

"We are so grateful for all the generous support from today’s generation of Akhal-Teke lovers. You make this ongoing transition of the remarkable Case legacy, into a robust, explicitly non-profit model possible, to continue helping the Akhal-Teke horse thrive in North America."